Семинар-Тренинг по продукции компании OSCILLOQUARTZ

C 3 июня по 7 июня в городке Нёвшатель, в офисе компании Oscilloquartz проходил семинар по линейке оборудования OSA 540x, OSA 541x, OSA 542x, OSA 543x, OSA 544x и их практическое применение. Спасибо организаторам за предоставленную возможность узнать новые продукты компании.


What is new?

  • New release 10.x.x of OSA 542x
  • OSA 543X
  • Redundancy and protection concepts and cases
  • OSA 5405 indoor/outdoor
  • NTP practice

Goals of the training

  • To know and understand the Oscilloquartz portfolio
  • To acquire knowledge and practice in Synchronization
  • To demonstrate and set-up Oscilloquartz equipment

Teaching support

  • Projection of slides “Power-Point» on white screen
  • Diagrams, drawings, theories, calculations and explanation on Flip-chart and/or white/black table
  • Practical exercises on computers and Oscilloquartz products
  • Course material (theoretical documents, slides, exercises) given in a USB Stick

Theory and practical

The learning of theory followed by practical example and exercise methodology
is used throughout training course.
After the presentation of the theory, the instructor also follows up with practical exercises.
For the training participants, this is an opportunity to review their knowledge and validate
their understanding of the module learned.
The theoretical exercises are presented on all supports described above. They are
calculations, logical problems, simulations of alarms, logical priorities, etc.
Additionally, the instructor will share his experience and insights gained from past
installation, training, support, and services carried out with our many international

Attendees’ background requirements

Engineer or technician having a background in electronics and/or telecommunication
networks and familiar to Windows / Unix environment. Familiar with Precision Time Protocol
at least principle of the protocol. ITU-T Telecom knowledge is a must.